I belong to a few survey sites that pay in cash or gift cards and I actually enjoying doing some of the surveys that I have been sent. However, there are few things about survey taking that make me crazy.

A survey will be sent asking for me to complete it and telling me the reward for doing so. I go to the link and input my information. Smooth sailing. Then I start the survey. I get about 15 questions in and suddenly the little timer starts to go around. At the top of my browser, I see the URL with the word "redirecting" in it. I know what this means. I flunked. They hate me. They don't want my input. And they wasted my time. A message will pop up that I don't fit the company's qualifications or some other excuse but they wasted my time and they accepted many of my answers BEFORE they booted me. Sometimes I will spend 30 minutes on a survey before I get the boot. I think they take my info and screw me out of the reward.

Another thing that bugs me is that some surveys lock up. They can be long and involved and, toward the end, they will suddenly stop working. They will just sit there. I can't go back and I go go forward. If I refresh, I lose everything. If I X out, when I go to retake the survey, it says I already took it. No reward for me. I did all that work for NOTHING.

I can't pretend to know what the makers of the surveys I take are looking for but I will tell you this. Always say no when asked if you or a family member work in marketing or other similar professions. If you say yes, you will be disqualified immediately. You're better off if you have kids. Companies seem to love people with teens and also small babies. I don't mean you should lie about your status, I'm just saying that you have better chances of actually completing a survey and getting a reward if you have kids living at home. They also like minorities especially Hispanic people. If you're Hispanic, you could do well taking surveys. There are other things that I have learned that companies are looking for but I refuse to lie and give them an answer they want when it isn't true. They want people with serious medical disorders, notably diabetes and asthma and I will NOT say I have those health issues just to complete a survey.