Having been on the Internet since 1995, I find it amazing how the World Wide Web has evolved and how it spawned many different types of platforms and avenues for publishing content and drawing people together. Truly, being a part of this 'ongoing' Age of Social Media (which is categorically placed by new media experts as a period within the Information Age), I am in awe and and am grateful to be here.

Just recently, I stumbled upon a new publishing and community site for anyone who enjoys writing and photography. This, as this post's title suggests, is Teckler. Teckler originated in Brazil, hence the Portuguese words you encounter on the site. A Teckler member can post text, photos, audio and video materials and earn from them. I signed up for a Teckler account out of curiosity -- and because I'm hoping to get to know some Brazilians and learn a little Portuguese! I don't fully understand how my posts earn some money there. At this point, the earnings aren't a priority. I really just want to try out something new.

I have not explored Teckler much, but I have gained a few followers already and have been following people whose posts I find interesting. Are you on Teckler, too? How do you find it, so far?


Image credit: Teckler.com