Go to: www.thewarz.com/ and click on the "Buy" button.

Then you click the $50 bundle and you press: Buy Now: 300+ ways

You enter in your eMail and then you agree with the agreement terms and you press Continue again.

Then you see a lot of payment methods, change your country to "Germany".

* All information you put exepct email Use fake-it.biz for fake German information. www.fake-it.biz/

Then you see the payment: "Webbilling". Click on that. Enter your real email and a fake first and last name and press next.

Now you see some weird language. That's German. Here are the translations:

Strabe: Street
PLZ/Stadt: Zip Code/City

at this "Kontonummer" you write the "Kontonr" from the fake-it.biz
at this "Bankleitzahl" your write the "BLZ" from the fakt-it.biz


Now, you need to Phone Verify your purchase. I will include the translations in here

* IF YOU USE SKYPE NUMBER YOU CAN RECORD THE CALL with "Mp3 Skype recorder" in order to success more easily.

Einz = One
Zwei = Two
Drei = Three
Vier = Four
Funf = Fife
Sechs = Six
Sieben = Seven
Acht = Eight
Neun = Nine
Zehn = Ten

You get a 4 digit PIN code through a call. Use the translations above, it'll help you a lot.

After 1-2 days, you should receive your WarZ keys! Enjoy!!

For more visit : compugameguide.blogspot.in