Whodunnit Spoilers: Who Was Killed Tonight?

WARNING: Whodunnit Spoilers Ahead...

Tonight ABC aired their 5th episode of their new reality series Whodunnit. The houseguests scrambled around the house to gather clues from Don's untimely death in the kitchen with a mountain lion. It initially looked like he had been slaughtered by the wild animal, but after some careful investigating a few of the houseguests were able to determine the actual cause of his death was a poison that was released from the oven. Gino was the houseguest to put together the killers' clues quickly and locate a blueprint of the killer's plan of attack on poor Don. He chose to share that information with his team, and then also shared it with the leader of the rival team, Kam and his partner Kris. Kam was instructed by Gino not to share the information with anyone else, because the house wanted Ulysses and Lindsey to receive scared cards. Kam didn't listen and shared the info with Lindsey and Ulysses, he probably should have listened though because at the end of the day he received a scared card, along with Ulysses.

This is going to screw up a lot of viewers' theories, but Ulysses actually IS NOT the killer, he is the victim of an unfortunate horseback riding accident, and the next houseguest to be "killed."

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PHOTO: Wiki Media Commons