Who Is The Killer On Whodunnit?

Well, it's Sunday again! For some of you that means relaxing with your family, heading to the lake, having a cookout, but for me it means a new week and a three day marathon of AWESOME television shows. My television marathon kicks off tonight with ABC's new reality series 'Whodunnit.' For those of you who aren't familiar with the show it's basically a televised murder mystery dinner, resembling the old board game 'Clue.' We are about a month into the series now, and I think it's safe to start making predictions on who the killer may be.

So far we have lost:

Week #1: Sheri
Week #2: Dontae
Week #3: Adrianna
Week#4: Don

Who on here has been following the series? Any predictions on who the killer is? I am leaning towards Kris at the moment. It's strange that Kam and his alliance were all safe last week and managed to put together Adrianna's mystery with hardly no evidence or clues. How did all three of them guess correctly? Two of them guessing correctly is lucky, but three of them all guessing correctly is just shady, at least one of them must be the killer (hence their 'Spared' cards). Another reason I am leaning towards Kris is because she hasn't really been in the limelight or caused much drama, she seems to just sit back and observe the other players, and also I have a feeling the killer will be a female because viewers will be less likely to suspect her.

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