Sometimes I think I need to have my head examined for still playing Candy Crush. I think I was stuck at level 65 for a long time and now I am stuck at level 77. I have gotten some great moves and even ended a few times with just one square left.

It is so frustrating and yet each day I sign on and subject myself to more torture.

+CandyCrush +AppReview +IPad In the end I play my five tries and end up seeing the screen on the right. I have probably been on level 77 for at least a week. I even got the two sprinkle candies a couple times next to each other.

If you swap the two sprinkled candies it knocks the entire board down except for chocolates. I am not sure how this game is so popular. It is making me want to pull my hair out

UPDATE JULY 16 2013 How I Beat Candy Crush Level 77

Well I finally beat Level 77 of Candy Crush a few days ago. I have to say that it was just luck. If you play the level over again enough times you will get a few good combos that will allow you to get through the level.

The other choice is to plunk down some money to get through the level!