Facebook is my favorite social networking site and daily I used to be online there. I spent lots of time but still don't know about many facts and features about Facebook and services. Here are 4 cool tricks you may or may not know about them:

1. You can download your whole history of Facebook - How much time you have spent on Facebook and what you have done is saved on Facebook servers and you can also download them. Just Goto account setting page and click "Download a copy of your Facebook Data" and download your entire history of the Facebook account in just few minutes.

2. You can schedule a Facebook status - Mostly no buddies know about this feature of Facebook. If you are going to anywhere of some time but want to update your Facebook status without using Facebook., then there is an option for you. You can schedule your Facebook status for particular time and just leave it as it is and it will posted on that particular time. View how to schedule a Facebook status here on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMK0CXe0Zxw

3. You can edit your published comments too - Many times you write wrong word or there are spelling mistake and you want to change the written or published comment, then it is very easy to do just simply roll over the comment, click on the pencil icon, and edit away!

4. You can hide yourself that you are online. This is a well-known trick and almost everyone knows about this. If you don't want to be available to chat with your "friends", simply hide yourself from the "online" list. Just click on the chat icon at the corner of the screen and click the option that says "go offline."