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I tried to join it, but haven't got approved, I still have to increase my ability in grammar, I guess D:

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I have an account on Postloop - the good thing is that you can cash out at $10, but it can take time to build up the points that equals $10. There is not a flat-rate, each writer gets a rating based on a complicated algorithm. The other problem is that time is taken up logging into and out of the various forums that one has to join. I don't really enjoy it over there . . . but it does suit some people.

I am on hubpages - this will be a great long-term earner of residual income from a number of sources. It does take time to build up to a good income. I have just started a new account there after a friend who has been on there for 4 years showed me how she now earns anything between 700$ and 900$ a month for about 20 hours a week - and most of that is from content she posted a long time ago. Hubpages is my long-term plan . . .

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