Getting free stuff is always great. I will never turn away freebies at all. Getting free money is even better. This is how I feel whenever I get enough points or whatever to redeem for a gift card. I’m always on the lookout for any programs that offer something like this because it really does come in handy for rainy days, holidays, emergencies, or anything else to suit your needs. Lately I have being redeeming at various places for Amazon gift cards. It seems to be the most popular item other than redeeming for Paypal money. One place to get an Amazon gift card is at Swagbucks.

Swagbucks started out as a search portal but evolved into something more. The object is to earn swagbucks (SB) dollars and then redeem them for the reward of your choice. Earning these swagbucks isn’t as hard as some people would imagine.

As I stated, I did this because it was rewarding me to make searches. But other ways to earn swagbucks started to form. Doing activities such as using the tool bar, taking a daily poll, looking through no-obligation offers, video clips, surveys, and any odd little activity starts to add up every day. A great way to challenge yourself is to look at the daily goal that is posted. If you reach this particular number, whether it is 60, 100, or whatever designated number of swagbucks is posted, you will get bonus bucks.