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I have only submitted 2 articles since the new CAPTCHA format is implemented. In the previous format the letters are often blurred but I haven't make many mistakes then. This time, the words are clear and I think I entered the right words, but the system said I was wrong... ? I got a new one and it was accepted. . Now that you mentioneed your experience I doubt if the system has some glitch? . .

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I have notice that when using the 'multiple photos' option that if you get the CAPTCHA wrong when you SUBMIT, that only the FIRST text-field is returned and you 'lost' the other text-fields!
By hitting the browsers' "BACK" button you can (or for me at least, have) recover and try the CAPTCHA again.

This happened to be again last night, -I lost the two 'lower' portions of my multiple-image article, but hit "SUBMIT" anyway. -The ENTIRE articles (and the associated missing images) published successfully... So, I did not lose anything. -The 'missing' paragraphs/images merely were not being displayed on my edit-field.. -Still with me? Sounds scary to 'lose' an article... I wish Bubblews would have a "SAVE AS DRAFT" feature to prevent connectivity/error problems such as this...

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Interesting. Will pay close attention as I post today.

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it keeps doing it to me it is failing the first time ugh

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