Cricket has a huge fan following in India. The other sports events should also be awarded equal or more importance in my opinion. The people who participate in other sports categories like athletics, football, basketball, boxing, fencing, martial arts, gymnastics are not given encouragement, money or the means to improve their caliber. Te governments are not interested in promoting other sports events as this does not rake in money like cricket. As a result, the players get second hand treatment and third grade facilities. Our local paper reports incidents of the state team getting poor accommodation and travel facilities when traveling to the other end of our country. Most kids who are very skilled drop out halfway because of the lack of returns in this field. When corrupt sports officials rake in the money, it is the country's future in sports that is getting affected. I do wish the government does more to promote sports. Indians can do well. Viswanathan Anand is a bright example in indoor sports. His success story should be attributed to his mother rather than any government. The coaches should also be remunerated properly so that they are motivated more and train their pupils. My dream of India getting more medals in all categories in the Asian meet and the Olympics should be fulfilled in the coming years?

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