I woke up this morning early thinking that were going out of town with my aunt and my cousin, since my uncle told me yesterday about it. So i wake up at around 6:30 in the morning and i was told that the trip was canceled. YES!!,i told my self, co'z at the back of my mind, i can do my bubblews the whole day. And then something bad happened, really, really bad that i almost lose my sanity. There is no Electricity! How in the world that their is no Electricity! The Electric company did not announced anything about power disruption today. We pay our bills on time. I was about to do my article in bubblews when the power shut off and lose my internet connection. Im really Pissed off about what happen. Its been 5 long, long hours of no electricity and no internet. Thanks to my cousins Iphone, i manage to post this.

Will resume my Bubbling career when the power comes back.

photo courtesy of google.com.ph