I started hearing about the Huff Mansion in the Ozarks a couple of years ago. At the time it was rumored to be more than 60,000 square feet with ten bedrooms, three kitchens, three full grids of solar panels and the ability to operate completely off the grid.

Official Name: Pensmore (www.pensmore.com)
Size: 72,000 square feet
Land Size: 500 acres
Location: 2700 Woods Fork Road, Highlandville, Missouri
Zoning: Residential - Single Family Residence
Owner: Stephen Huff
Project Budget: Undisclosed
Start Date: 2007
Completion Date: 2013

Materials Used: Helix steel fibers, TransForm cooling system, geothermal heat exchangers, solar panels, water filtration and purification system, bulletproof glass (Pacific Bulletproof).

A lot of conspiracy theorists believe that when the New World Order takes over, Pensmore will be the new capitol. Part of that is credible because of the reinforced walls, underground tunnels and the close proximity to several underground storage facilities.

The fact that it is fortified and can withstand a E5 tornado (of which there have only been 59 documented E5 tornados in the United States since 1950) could mean that it was built with such a strong skeleton to protect against attacks or assaults.

The Illuminati conspiracy theorists believe that Pensmore is already being used to store crude oil in its underground holding tanks as well as water, non-perishable foods and gold. There is some truth to that though; there is a vast underground system of tunnels that are connected to pre-existing natural caves as well as man made tunnels.

It seems odd that such a massive building would be erected in this area and that it is something that's considered a single family dwelling. Maybe there's a nifty little loophole about only the upper section of a residential living space that needs to be disclosed to the planning board. Whatever the case, the phrase "money is no object" definitely applies here.

This article was much longer and had more photos of the Huff property attached to it; when the site converted it was purged into the cyberspace void.

Photo: Pensmore Planning

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