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They've had to make drastic changes because they didn't act fast enough. I've seen Squidoo change a lot since I joined in early 2009. Change is necessary, but their direction on what Google is asking and how they're interpreting it, are two different things. Everything is not lost yet, but it will take a lot to recover from here. I think they ultimately will.

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Congrats on the earnings &WKnight496 . I have someone that I was working with that was making over $1000 per month over there, now they are making less than $50.... I can make $50/month here with minimal effort. I could make more, but can't justify the time. I like spending a little time over here, catching up with some of my connections and getting paid what I have got.

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Making more a week here than in a month there.
Don't know what their rank is, but if you look at that graph, that's a death spiral.

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