If you visit the Y&R forums then you’ve seen that speculation is running rampant that Sharon tampered with Summer’s paternity results and that the teen is in fact Nick’s daughter.

This theory all began when Sharon visited Cassie's grave and talked about how Nick was the love of her life and she was happiest when she was with him. At the end of her speech Sharon said the line “That why I did what I did.”

Sharon has been exhibiting odd behavior lately and has become obsessed with Nick. She dreams of getting back together with him, even though he doesn't share her sentiments. Like most soap vixens, if Sharon wants something she'll go after it no matter what the cost, including switching his daughter’s test results.

Adding to the speculation is a rumor that Phyllis will find out Sharon tampered with the results and the two will engage in a catfight, which will lead to Phyllis’ exit.

Like most viewers, I was hoping that Nick would be Summer’s father and that the writers would rewrite the story. However, I feel that this isn’t the best way to go about it.

The main reason is because the writers are ruining Sharon’s character. When she first debuted Sharon was one of Y&R’s fan favorites, but in recent years she’s turned into a villain so to speak. And when it comes out that Sharon switched the test results; expect The Newmans to be as hypercritical as always, especially Nick. He’ll come out looking like the good guy in all this, when in actuality he’s the one behind the whole mess. After Cassie’s death, he left Sharon to raise a child with Phyllis, which he knew wasn’t his. Nick needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions and stop being critical of others.

Whether or not this Sharon rumor turns out to be true, viewers need to brace themselves for the drama that’ll ensue and the harsh treatment Sharon will endure.