I see Bubblews posts all the time with A to Z challenge in the title, so I thought I'd do this challenge for July (and maybe August if I feel like it!).

There are 26 letters (a to z) and 31 days in July, so I will give myself permission to skip a day here and there as needed, or I might finish early and pat myself on the back. We'll see.

For this challenge I am going to cruise through my many photos and pick one that contains an object that starts with that day's letter.

The first challenge is the letter A. I choose this articulated necklace because, well, it's the first thing that started with the letter A that I came across.

Articulated means having joints or sections. This necklace has three sections in the large bar portion. It's a vintage necklace, probably from the 1970s. The 70s were not the best era for fashion, in my humble opinion. This is not my style of jewelry, but it's articulated and that starts with A.

Will you join me in an A to Z challenge for July? I hope so!

Photo Credit: Me!

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