The marathon sex Ania Lisewska a polish that want to hit a record high, began on May 24 in Warsaw. The goal is 100 thousand, which means to have sex with 28 men a day for 10 years. "I want the men in Poland, Europe and around the world. I love sex, fun and men, "says Ania.
There is a polish that is to captivate attention by a strange record that you want to overcome: to have sex with 100 000 men. And as time is short, this marathon is already underway, with each relationship has a maximum duration of 20 minutes.
The Facebook profile of Ania Lisewska has since been invaded by many internet users who would like to know this polish and help them achieve their goals. There are even reviews of a Portuguese, inviting Ania to travel to Portugal. There are still women to criticize it, calling it a "shame women."
The woman began this journey in Warsaw, but the tour is not restricted to the territory of Poland. "I want the men in Poland, Europe and around the world," says the woman.
Ania is convinced that he is also fighting a prejudice. "In Poland, the sex is still taboo. Anyone wanting fulfill your fantasies is considered a pervert, or mentally ill, "maintains. And their demand aims to combat this reality.
The woman says she'll pursue your goal without fears. Ensures that will not stop: "I will visit all cities in Poland. Then, when you finish this tour, I will travel abroad. "