Hi,everyone Today i show you how to update kis 2012 offline. This is my first tutorial and i know english a little, i am cambodian. so we go now :
First, you have file update kis 2012 offline. i will show on next post(How to make File Update KIS 2012). now i just show you a short tutorial.
1. open kis 2012 interface application and click setting :
2. click on update setting :
3.click on Update source...button like image below :
4. untick on Kaspersky Lab update servers and click on Add button :
5. Find target Folder of File update KIS 2012, I have it on Desktop, so i find it on Desktop like image below :
now, click on OK button.

6.You can see it like image below and click OK button :
7. Click on OK button again :
8. It all most done, Now click on Update button on KIS 2012 interface application like image below :
9.Click on Run Update button like image below :
10. Now it ok, you can see it run to update KIS 2012 offline from target folder like image below :
Thanks you for read my first tutorial and I continue to create a lots of tutorials for visitor and help me to support me like comment me at my blog or like me on my facebook or anyway.
Goodbye, see you again next time. dear all friends. my e-mail : [email protected]
and my facebook : chanmila chen .