Time for another shout out to a celebrity who isn't annoying, drugged up, or a big diva. Many people know John Stamos as Uncle Jesse from Full House - and was he ever a hunky uncle. Meow. Younger people may remember him as Dr. Tony Gates on ER. Older people might even remember his very first acting stint on General Hospital in 1984 as Blackie Parrish. Ok, I admit, I remember him on General Hospital.

But John has a load of other credits to his name both as far as acting and singing. He has been on dozens of television shows and is an accomplished musician. He has played with the Beach Boys and many other big name bands and singers. He plays the drums, guitar, bass, and several percussion instruments and has a great voice. He has also won awards on Broadway for his roles, notably in Bye Bye Birdie.

But all that aside, this guy is just plain NICE. He has done multiple things for charity contributing his time or his talent without any fanfare. He hasn't had any scandals, never was caught doings something crazy, never really had had a nasty thing to say about anyone. He was married to Rebecca Romijn for several years and the split was amicable and drama free.