What to eat at the Minnesota State Fair is serious business to those who make an annual trek to the Fairgrounds in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Just announced: This year there are 47 new menu items from which to choose, along with the previously featured multitude of food-on-a-stick and other delectable treats that will entice fairgoers to part ways with some cash.

Deep fried is a popular cooking method at the Fair, and food-on-a-stick goes over exceptionally well. When you can combine those two, you kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Pictured is the new Wine Glazed Deep Fried Meatloaf from Minnesota Wine Country. (Photo image: Minnesota State Fair).

To view photos of the new foods for 2013: www.mnstatefair.org/fun/new_food/

To read some details about the new foods: assets.mnstatefair.org/pdf/13_new_food.pdf

The 2013 Minnesota State Fair will take place from August 22 through Labor Day, September 2 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Source: www.mnstatefair.org/