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I love your input,I hadn't figured out the exact calculations as to lost bonuses etc.,thank you for the breakdown on that.I agree on the base royalty.Its your art/creations be proud of them! Best of luck to you on all you do-Ruth

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Hmm. What do I think. Well, let's see...

For those of us that are selling into the thousands monthly, we're going to get slammed. Hard. A volume bonus of 12 or 17% can be half of your income or more, depending on your royalty and volume of sales. I’ll be losing about 10 thousand dollars a year purely from lost volume bonus, not to mention getting nailed with an additional 5% fee for having my product royalty at 20% now that they have lowered the threshold to 15. They're trying to encourage designers to lower their royalty to 15% max, and are recommending 5%. I’ll not play their game. I’m not changing a damn thing simply because of what the "affiliates" want. Fuck 'em. I'm not going to cut myself out so that they can make more sales. Want to sell more stuff Zazzle? Lower the base price. 5% royalty is absolutely absurd.

Unfortunately, they’ve also changed the appearance of all 8 of my stores. All of the hard work I’ve spent designing custom graphics and programming HTML, all gone. Now a generic white site that’s harsh to the eyes and hard to navigate.

So yes fellow zazzlers, we’ve been screwed. All of us. Regardless of whether or not you’re making a lot of sales or very few, all of these changes hurt you, and severely impair your future earning potential if your store were to take off. In the order of 10-50% of earnings or more depending on the factors previously mentioned. A more disappointed designer I could not be. There is very little, if anything, good about the changes they have made for the designers on the site. Who, by the way, are the backbone on which their entire business is built.

They crowd-source talent and profit from the creativity of the masses. That's their business model. Well listen up masses, they've just bent you over a barrel. And come July 1st, they're going to shaft you.

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