TV use to be entertaining and had a multitude of programs to keep the viewer wanting more. We used to have 'The Good Life', 'Porridge', 'The Sweeney and 'Upstairs Downstairs'. There were so many good programs to watch every day, all different and fresh. TV used to be such a pleasure.

Now though, what do we have? Copy cat shows that are trying to update themselves. Strictly Come Dancing; which itself is a copy of Come Dancing, Xfactor which is a modern version of Opportunity Knocks, Britain's Got Talent; again copying Xfactor.....which is copying Opportunity Knocks. Can TV Executives not come up with shows that are completely new and fresh. Shows that are entertaining but also Original and not a carbon copy of another show. It would be so nice to settle down in the evening and be able to watch something more inspiring.

I notice too that nowadays the programmes are very noisy and harsh. All the lights and audience screaming and cheering. The voice overs (especially XFactor) are so over the top. It is all becoming very American I fear. My children tell me it is because I am getting old, but when I discuss this with friends and family (all are not old either), they agree with me. I will be watching a program at a decent volume level, but when the adverts come on it all becomes very over the top and noisy. Why oh why must the ads be so loud. It does not encourage me to buy the product being advertised because I end up muting the TV and not listening to it anyway. So the ad has done completely the opposite of what it set out to do.