Did you know today is Olympic Day?

Each year, Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23 all over the world. On this day, those involved celebrate the Olympic Movement by participating in the Olympic Day Run.

The date itself is important because it’s the day that +Olympic founder Pierre de Coubertin accomplished his goal of creating the Olympic Games. The run is important because it symbolizes de Coubertin’s original idea: That all people, regardless of age, fitness level, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic standing, somehow become involved in sport.

The day and the run also symbolize de Coubertin’s idea that sport could unite people across the world. When the run is held all around the world, people with all sorts of differences have the opportunity to put those differences aside, using sport to join together for a few hours and make a better world for everyone.

What do you think of the idea behind Olympic Day? Do you watch and enjoy the Olympic Games?

This link will take you to the Team USA website, where bobsledder Steve Holcomb talks about what Olympic Day means to him: www.teamusa.org/Team-USA-Winter-Bloggers/Steven-Holcomb/What-Is-Olympic-Day