I have always liked Dodge cars and trucks.Years ago I had a Plymouth (Dodge) Valient.It had a slant 6 style
engine and it ran very well.Years later I saw and loved Dodge Ram trucks and the actor Sam Elliott was in or
did the voice on the comercials.I love Sam Elliott so my mother began to tease me that that was the only reason
that I loced Ram trucks.

I rented one one weekend and love the way it drives.I would love to have one, but too expensive for me.Another
weekend I rented a Grand Caravan.It is more a family vehicles, which suits me more to my life style.But, I still
love and could use a Ram truck, King cab that seats five people.And also has the truck bed.

Another I rented a a small car because that's what I could afford and was given a Dodge Caliber and it drove so
well, seats five people (but tight) and has a large trunk.I loved it! Whenever I would go back to rent a small
car I would request that one.

So, I will end up getting whatever I can afford.....but it will be a Dodge!