According to an article I just read, Obama has demanded that a Court uphold his "right" to ignore the Constitution. If this isn't a man hungry for power, I don't know who is. Obama does NOT have authority to undermine the Constitution, and any "Court" attempting to give him the authority to do so is guilty of treason against the American people. Obama is a brazenly dictatorial individual, and some people are still willfully blind to this fact.

Obama seems to think that because he is the President, that allows him to overrule our Constitution and the rules of Justice and law that the U.S. was founded on.
I say the day he began undermining the Constitution, impeachment articles should have been filed. At the rate the United States is going, we MIGHT end up w/full fledged tyranny on our hands, if the Courts and the people do nothing to stop it.

Dear America, wake up, because if you don't, you'll find yourselves under the boot of a despot and his goons.