We love going to a Japanese Steak House and Aodake is one of our favorites. We have only been to the Romeoville Location, but have been there several times. Besides great food Aodake has offers a bit of fun to your meal. I feel that their prices are also a little bit more reasonable than some other Japanese Steak Houses that we have been to.

Aodake is pronounced ah-oh da' key and besides typical Japanese Steak House food they also have sushi and great appetizers. We are not into Sushi but we have ordered one of their Tempura Appetizers and it was delicious.

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You can view Aodake's hours and menus at www.aodake.com/

There are two locations for Aodake Sushi & Steak House this review will be for the Romeoville Restaurant

462 N. Weber Road
Romeoville, IL 60446

2129 75th Street
Darien, IL 60561
630.719.9888*click photos to see in a larger size window

We go to Aodake for the Japanese Steak house experience where your food is cooked on a big grill in front of you. the cooks are excellent and do a few fun things like flipping zucchini to you, to see if you can catch it in your mouth. They also will squirt rice wine in your mouth but if you are not interested you can just say no. I do not drink alcohol but my son has done it on occasion. I am not a big fan of this practice but a lot of people really enjoy it.

We like to go to Aodake for lunch and they have a special happy hour menu. You can get any of the meals and it seems to save you about $3. You do have to offer a beverage with it, but most people will do that anyway. The only difference that I have noticed with the happy hour menu is that they leave out the bean sprouts.

The first course is a bowl of soup. It is a light broth with a few mushrooms and some onions. The soup is yummy and a nice start to the meal.Next they bring out the salads which are individually made and have their own special dressing. The dressing is unique to these type of restaurants and the closest thing I can think of is Thousand Island. We all love the little salads.

Everyone is given regular silver wear, as well as wood chop sticks. I like to use the chop sticks to get the full experience.

Each meal comes with fried rice which is delicious. I can not eat fried rice because I am on a low carb diet so I just order and extra portion of vegetables and find it very filling without going over on my carbs.After the salads the cook comes out and starts making your meal. Each person will get a shrimp appetizer plus whatever they ordered. I usually get shrimp so I just get a couple extra. My daughter loves to get the steak and chicken and my husband gets the steak and scallops. I have tasted all of them and they use high quality meats.

While the chef is cooking he will usually put on a bit of a show with eggs, fire just some fun. You will not be disappointed in the fun, the food or the reasonable prices.