Good evening how are you today. I hope all of us are in good health. Will because of my bad experience last week wherein, I have to file a half-day due to no mode of any transportation to go to work here's the link about it The post I made . So today as its Monday I leave 5:30 am at home wow!!! yes !!! at least I'am not in a hurry. And not just that I'am the Early Bird he ! he! he! as I'am earlier that our lady guard. Yes I arrive at Magallanes MRT station at about 6:30 and rather than to ride I just walk from there to work will its just 20-30 minutes of walking excises. See the benefits of being early.

Then while waiting until 8:00 am as its time the store will be open for the employees I able to write an article, yes its the one you're reading now. What a great bless Monday Thank you oh! Lord.