When I first learned about ProBux 6 months ago, I thought it would be impossible to earn significant
income when you only earn a penny per click. I had no ProBux education or ProBux strategy and so I
stopped trying. However, sometime later I found an online ProBux Strategy Guide that ex plained how to
properly rent referrals and to begin to view ProBux as a business not just a "paid to click" site.
In the following ProBux Strategy Guide, I will share with you the basic principles of renting ProBux
referrals, how to manage your ProBux referrals, and other ProBux Tips & Tricks.
Established users may find some of the information trivial, but new ProBux members will find most of
the data critical to their success. Every ProBux member should read the guide as I have developed
solutions for many of the common issues that 'ProBuxers' have

You can download the full Ebook here: www.mediafire.com/download/l5vq307479ai409/ProBux+Guide+by+April+Fools%282%29.pdf