I've been messing around on Swagbucks for a few months now. I usually forget all about it until I decide I want to buy something on Amazon. Today, I remembered how much I desperately want a new vacuum. I figure with my combined earnings from Bubblew, Hubpages and all those other sites I'm attempting to make money on, I'll reach my goal sometime. I can even buy the vacuum from Amazon and use my Swagbucks earnings.

So today I logged onto Swagbucks and checked my inbox to see if there were any good offers that wouldn't spam up my email too much or result in annoying phone calls about working from home*. I found one offer that paid a little over 1,000 Swagbucks for playing paid games on GSN (The Game Show Network). I just happened to have $10 laying around in my Paypal account and figured I'd try it. After all, I wasn't actually losing any money by trying since I could turn around and get my money back from Swagbucks by redeeming gift cards.

The GSN games are kind of fun. I've always been partial to word games so I started with Scrabble Boggle. I won one round out of six. I tried Wheel of Fortune after that and failed miserably. I guess I don't watch the show often enough anymore to keep my mind sharp.

When I logged back into Swagbucks, I noticed that my Swagbucks had been posted already. I quickly popped into the Rewards Store and redeemed two $5 gift cards from Amazon. I doubt I'll actually win anything with GSN games, but it was fun to try their paid games for free. I was pretty excited today to see that many Swagbucks. My earnings are usually pretty low as I'm not on there often, but in my time with them I have redeemed three other $5 gift cards.

What do you guys think of Swagbucks? Have you tried GSN's cash games?

*Never complete an offer on Swagbucks if it requires your phone number. It's just not worth it. I made that mistake about six months ago and I'm still receiving the phone calls every now and then, even after telling everyone politely "No, thank you.")