Sometimes it’s best to not read the books because you don’t expect anything. I’ve watched a lot of film adaptations, and I’ve been pretty content with the outcome… because I did not read the book. I’ve learned my lesson with Harry Potter when I was a kid. And since then, it’s either the book or the movie.

Anyway, I was watching Vampire Academy earlier. It’s a film adaptation of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. The book is actually quite popular, and the ratings is damn more than decent. So I was wondering what happened to it’s movie counterpart?

The movie is actually quite promising, except for the fight scenes. When the girls returned to St. Vladimir’s, they encountered Strigoi Vampires and that’s the part where the first fight scene took place. And my jaw just dropped for the poor stunts. They could have done better in editing, but that’s just it.

But even with those cringe worthy fight scenes, Vampire Academy still managed to bag $15M worldwide. With better stunts editing and better promotion, I think this movie can do a lot better. And they can prove that through a second movie. However, the producers seem to have lack some funding so the producers have turned to IndieGoGo to raise $1.5M to fund the sequel, Frostbite. They even made a pitch video for the fans.

I do hope that they give Frostbite a chance…

As for me, I’d probably turn to the books. I am sold on the idea of Vampire Royalties having Vampire Bodyguards fighting Bad Vampires stuff, you know. So yes, it’s the books for me now…

What about you, have you watched Vampire Academy? What are your thoughts about it?

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