I have been under major stress lately, especially with some setbacks I have been going through. I just had a home-service body massage to make up for it, for the relaxation and peace of mind.

I only prefer to use Neutrogena’s Body Oil for my body during massages sessions. It’s very good on my skin and it easily absorbs and moisturizes my skin overall. It’s definitely a good try especially when you are someone who loves taking care of their skin making sure it’s soft, radiant and hydrated at all times.


The things I love about this product:

- It’s non-greasy and very light when applied on the skin.
- There are no allergic reactions unlike other body oils I have tried.
- The scent smells so good and the moisturizing effect comes to be very smooth on my skin.
- You can definitely see the effects on this product right after your first use.
The things I didn't like about this product:
- I am not an oil-based product person and I only use this during home service body massages because it can be really messy and hassle to apply all over my skin. If you are a person like me, you either want to use this during body massages sessions or try to use a body lotion, moisturizer or body creams as an alternative.

I would recommend this product to those people who loves moisturizers and who wants the smooth feeling effect that could last all night long. I would also recommend this to those wants to look exquisite on a night out. The smooth and healthy glowing effect will definitely show and everyone can benefit on this product, especially if it has been constantly used.

You can purchase this product to any of your local drugstores or any Neutrogena outlet.
The price might be a little pricier than most body oil out in the market but you can be assured that it’s worth every penny you paid for.

Plus, NEUTROGENA gives sales and promos from time to time so, stay tune for that. You might as well get this product either free or to be purchased on a much lower price.

(PS. I got mine for free when I purchased Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer.)

Feel free to read my full blog entry here: www.aishakristine.com/cosmetics/product-review-neutrogena-body-oil.html

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