Season three of Game of Thrones is over with and season four is 9-10 months away. Seems like a silly time to worry about season six or seven, right? Book readers are more than familiar with George R.R. Martin's slow writing. It took GRRM five years to finish A Feast for Crows (book four) after A Storm of Swords (book three) came out. Then it was another long and painful six year wait for the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons. The HBO show Game of Thrones decided to split A Storm of Swords into two seasons so next season will wrap up that book and possibly cover the first part of AFFC. Books four and five split the characters although the timeline is the same so they will be combined into the same season for HBO. It's not known if that will be just season five or if it will be season five and six. Either way, we are 2-3 years from the show catching up with the books.