Goals: Rach 80K points, clear all the jellies, destroy the replicating chocolates.

Thankfully there are no bombs on this level but when you get to level 168 there are so enjoy this one while you can. This board has a mix of things to break; there are the center section jellies that have two layers to them. Those are the ones that you are going to want to concentrate on getting out of the way if you see easy moves; once you get to the side tiers that is when the chocolate pieces start getting spit out of the machines. Now, this is where a good memory comes in to play. If you already busted the coverstones and funnels and got the jellies out of the way then you don't have to waste moves clearing the chocolates off of those pieces.

If you are not going to use boosters then you are going to want to use as many combo moves as possible to clear vertical and horizontal lines once the chocolates have started appearing on the board. If you start using those as soon as they come up on the screen then you are going to end up wasting a lot of moves clearing them to get to the jellies. I started using graph paper to keep track of the cleared pieces. That is just insane to go to that level but if you want to clear the board, sometimes you have to get creative. I beat this board once with no boosters and looked over at my modem and none of the lights were lit up and I was praying that it would recognize the win on the Facebook end. It didn't. I had to reboot then start over.