I will share to you some of the healing power of vegetables

This is not from the internet.
This is from the book of George D. Pamplona-Roger:
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery.
Board-certified general and digestive surgeon
Specialist in Health Education
Master of Public Health

Celery: increases urine production,
aids kidney function and reduces
Other diuretics foods: eggplants,
melon, watermelon, leeks, and

Hepatic Tonic
Artichoke: increases bile flow
and detoxifies the liver.
Other foods that act as hepatic tonics:
loquats, cardoom.

Persimmon: Contains tannins that dry
the intestinal mucosa and mucilage that
softens it
Other astringent foods: quince, apple,
caimito, pomegranate, and loquat

Urinary antiseptics
Cranberry: Counters the effects of
cystitis and other urinary infections
without activating bacterial resistance.

Mineral restorers
Coconut: very rich in magnesium calcium
and phosphorous.
Other mineral restoring foods:
almonds, alfalfa, cabbage, oranges,
turnip greens.

Avocado: antianemic, protects the digestive
lining and acts as tonic in addition to
lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride
Other hypolipidemic foods: beans, english walnuts,
sunflower seeds, yams.

Oranges: Contain four potent antioxidants,
vitamin C, beta-carotene (provitamin A),
flavonoids and folic acid. They help avoid
arteriosclerosis and thrmbosis.
Other antioxidant foods: strawberries
citrus fruits, and nuts.

Pineapple: aids digestion
Other digestive foods: papaya, zucchini
potatoes, and okra.

Broccoli: its phytochemicals retard or
stop the growth of cancerous cells.
Other anticarcinogenic foods: cauliflower,
cabbage, oranges, lemons, plums, grapes,

Plums: stimulate intestinal function.
other laxative foods: eggplant, chard,
and whole grain cereals.

Pistachios: Contain as much or more iron
as lentils, in addition to copper and other
trace elements that serve to promote blood
Other antianemic foods: red beets, apricots,
passion fruit, spinach, and lamb's lettuce.