Vehicle safety testing institute USA, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released the list of 2013 model year vehicles the safest in the world.

Total vehicles awarded 'Top Safety Pick' consists of 117 cars. A total of 13 vehicles managed to get the awards 'Top Safety Pick Plus'.

This is the Most Secure Car in 2013

The highest award given to 13 such vehicles because they are able to provide both protection and safety of passengers most complete among the best vehicles other.

List of World's 13 Safest Cars version IIHS (U.S.) 2013

- Honda Accord 2-door
- Honda Accord 4-door
- Chrysler 200 4-door
- Dodge Avenger
- Ford Fusion (made ​​after December 2012)
- Kia Optima
- Nissan Altima 4-door (which was made after November 2012)
- Suzuki Kizashi
- Subaru Legacy (made ​​after August 2012)
- Subaru Outback (made ​​after August 2012)
- Acura TL
- Volvo S60
- Volkswagen Passat (made ​​after October 2012)

In the list above, Mobil Japan dominates with seven vehicles. American cars are represented by three cars, while Germany Sweden and Korea are represented by each of the cars.