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I read read a little about it and discovered it was a hoax. Mermaids are not real. I am sorry to tell you. Smile! We still have Ariel the Little Mermaid!

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&rleisure mermaid in circus is a bit more human not like the ones they are showing. im not that believing but its looks for capable of living underwater. just saying, I'm with you I'm still a skeptic with this creatures.

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I watched that 2 hour show on Mermaids here recently. I thought that the 2 scientist were a little over dramatic. IF the drawings on the wall form the Natives are real, I might be a little more curious. Sailors always have reports of mermaids but, imo, they might be a little delirious or drunk. Since the mermaids from the circus looked different from all of the mermaids that the scientists were showing pics of, it makes me question whether the scientists made it up. I guess, until the day I meet a mermaid, they will remain a mystery that I rarely think about!

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