I was told by my brother to washed youtube to see the latest craze about a mythical creature. I don’t believe what he says but for the benefit of doubt I tried to watch some video. The creature in question is a Mermaid, yes guys a mermaid caught in camera.

I have been watching an interview with two scientists who took the video with their personal camera and an on-board camera in and outside their mini submarine for exploration. They are investigating the ocean floor for possible oil reserve and what will be the effect of the oil rig to the natural surroundings.

During the interview the network played the videos, I saw the footage and I think I am a believer but still a skeptic. The creature taps the glass and even a shot which it is hunting for food. The interview may be short but still it is a very convincing material.

Is these creatures are true, may be just may be they are not still prepared to be viewed and disturb by the public.