Believe it or not, I’m currently collaboration with some Fashion Brands through this Fashion Blogger Program.

By the way, I’m not paid and/or compensated in writing about this.

There are tons of Fashion Blogger Programs that you can apply to. You have the option to contact the brands by visiting their websites or you can contact them directly via email.

If you’re planning to contact them via email, introduce yourself and tell them something about what you do. And don’t forget to include your blog URL and your screenshot/s.

Though this is still subject for approval, it doesn’t hurt to try. Who knows, you might land your first program, right?

On the other hand, there are times that representatives from the brand will contact you directly. So make sure that you leave some contact details in your blog. If you’re afraid of spam, you can make use of parentheses and other means to give out your exact email address (probably something like this: myemailaddress{at}emailprovider{dot}com).

Fashion Blogger Programs are not limited to #OOTD, though this is probably the most known option. Anyway, in my case, there were times that I was asked on what kind of collaboration do I want - and trust me, there are many!

The exciting part, compensation. There are different kinds of compensation - apart from freebies - once you’re engaged in a Fashion Blogger Program. Compensation depends on what brand you’re working for, and this is usually fixed, but rewarding altogether.

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