How To Increase Your Pageviews On Yahoo! Voices

Recently I have been doing extremely well on Yahoo! Voices, and I wanted to share what I have learned since I joined the website. These are the top three ways I have found to increase your page views on Yahoo! Voices.

1. Study keyword placement and SEO until you are blue in the face. When I first started writing, I just wrote, I have no idea what SEO even was. Then I took advantage of the Yahoo! Voices online classes, and learned about keywords and how they influence search engine results. When I started applying what I had learned to my articles, my page views literally doubled.

2. Write about holidays. Think ahead and predict what you think people will be googling. I submitted an article right before Memorial Day regarding the holiday, and that article alone accumulated nearly 5,000 page views over Memorial Day Weekend.

3. Share, Share, Share. You have to have no shame when it comes to social networking. I share links to my articles ALL day long.