FullofKnowledge Review: High Paying Shared Revenue Website

It honestly surprises me every time I mention FulloKnowledge or ExpertsPages to a group of writers (on this website or the few Facebook websites I'm a part of) they never REALLY seem to know what I'm talking about. It is also rather unfortunate because these are two of the HIGHEST paying shared revenue websites on the Internet. I've been with them since they were founded and I can assure you they do pay. I did include several payment proofs throughout this review just to assure you that they do pay and they pay fairly well. There were some months where I did not make very much on the website and it was not the website's fault at all. I was the one who didn't really do a lot with the website. Given, I had a baby and I work online. I had to put some of my writing gigs first in order to pay my bills and I didn't always have time for shared revenue writing. But, you really can make a decent monthly income off of this website. Obviously, it isn't enough to pay the bills. But, it certainly pays a small portion of mine every month.