A homeless 17-year-old girl graduated from high school last week as her class valedictorian with a GPA of 4.466.

The NY Post reports that Chelsea Fearce has lived for many years either in a car or a homeless shelter. She used her cellphone to study if the shelter's lights were shut off at night.

Her story is one that should inspire many. In her speech to her graduating class at Charles Drew High School, Chelsea said:

“I know I have been made stronger. I was homeless. My family slept on mats on the floor and we were lucky if we got more than one full meal a day. Getting a shower, food and clean clothes was an everyday struggle. Don't give up. Do what you have to do right now so that you can have the future that you want."

Because she also took college classes during the time she was in high school, Chelsea will be enrolled at Spelman college as a junior this fall. She will be studying biology.

A smart girl who went up against the odds. Kudos to this amazing young lady.

Watch a video of Chelsea's story here on WSBTV: www.wsbtv.com/videos/news/homeless-valedictorian-graduates-from-high-school/v3c8B/


Photo: WSBTV