Extreme Cougar Wives is a show I stumbled across on TLC while flipping through the channels. I couldn't help but watch. It feature three women and the younger men they were in relationships with.
The first was Jude, 53 and Kevin, 21. Kevin used to date Jude's daughter back in junior high, but one day when he was older he told Jude he was in love with her and they've been together ever since. During the show Jude and Kevin had a ceremony that was essentially a wedding without telling Kevin's parents. Oh, I forgot to mention, Kevin still lives at home and when Jude spends the night she has to crawl out the window so his parents don't know. Later when they told his parents about their ceremony the parents were not happy at all. Not to mention they lied about how old Jude was.
The next couple was Stephanie, 65 and Octavio, 28. Stephanie says she old likes younger men because her husband died in her arms while they were having sex. Octavio works as a bartender, thats how he met Stephanie. Apparently Octavio was seduced by a friends mom when he was younger, so he prefers older women. During the episode he asked Stephanie to move in with him. She agreed to. Why she would I don't know. She probably had her own house and he was in an apartment. I think they both need therapy.
The last woman is Hattie, 76. She stated that she loves to play the field as long as the guy is under 30. She loves to go to the pool and pick up guys. It looks like she wears a slip when she's walking down the street. Guys are actually interested in her. It was a little disturbing.
I think all these couples need help. Why a guy would go for somebody that much older then them I have no idea. I guess they don't have to worry about getting them pregnant though!