A group of Danish students in ninth grade has succeeded in drawing the attention of the scientific community in the world, due to a revealing experiment performed as part of a science class.

The idea was to see if the Wi-Fi signals had some effect on the brain activity of people, because according to them, when they were asleep by the phone, the other day I had trouble concentrating. However, not having the equipment necessary to perform the experiment, the five students of the Hjallerup Skole in Denmark decided to go for a simpler way.

Instead of observing the effect of Wi-Fi radiation in humans, the students focused their study on the plants. Thus, seeds of a species taken lettuce (Lepidium sativum) to divide them into two groups, one being exposed to two wireless routers, while the other was maintained in a room away from the signal.

The samples were observed for 12 days, getting dramatically different results. For one, the seeds that were not coupled to routers began to grow normally, unlike those who were exposed to radiation, which do not germinate even begins to spoil ended.