Over the past few years a lot of people have started doomsday prepping; for some it is the "in" thing to do while others see it as a means of survival if there is a natural disaster, economic collapse or the New World Order finally retains power of the United States government.

Food storage is just as important as having an amply supply of food on hand; you can have cases and cases of food but if they aren't protected correctly then you might as well just throw it out. Packing things in plastic totes to store it is a good idea; the totes will keep things dry and free of bugs but they can take up a lot of space if you have to move to another location. This is where having nylon bags comes in handy; they are light weight, can handle a good bit of weight and are inexpensive to purchase.

For food stuffs like beans, seeds, dried foods and dehydrated foods plastic bags or zipper bags are the best way to store them but you will have to keep them inside something else to protect them from the elements and being exposed to dirt, germs, bacteria and bugs. If you are going to store seeds to plant, they need to be completely dry and inspected before they are packed away; for long term storage they will need to be frozen.

If there is a massive power outage, all that food you have in the freezer isn't going to be edible in a few days unless you have a generator and a source of gasoline. Dehydrating meats or making jerky is a good idea but you really need to think about the amount of sodium that the pieces are going to have and whether adding a flavoring is the best way to go.