So it’s early morning (5:13 AM to be exact) and I am flipping through the channels before I am going to sleep and as usual it is mostly a bunch of infomercials. One habit I have gotten into lately is Googling or checking on for reviews of a particular product that is being advertised. I never make the purchase, but I like checking out who did and what they think.
For the most part the opinions are what you would expect. There are lots of mediocre and sometimes downright awful reviews. Fairly often I wonder if those they interview are actors or people they paid to say good things about the product.
Once I saw on TLC the show that I believe is called “What Would You Do?” which showcases different morality related situations and tape how people deal with them. One clip they did was something similar to what I am speaking about. They made up a fictional product and paid people to sing its praises. As the segment continues they “up the ante” and the main actors mention to other actors around them how said shampoo makes peoples hair fall out and other such negatives. Which those being taped have to decide whether they should continue or excuse themselves.
What do you think?