I have ordered Multiple times with Only Natural Pet Store over the years. They carry Pet supplies supplements and foods. I have purchased treats and a variety of supplements for my pets

Their selection
Only Natural Pets has things I have not been able to find anywhere else. Supplements made especially for animals and great explanations for the use of the supplements. They also have healthy treats and foods that are hard to find. I have tried many things for my dog with allergies, and my cat with other health issues. They carry a variety of food and treat items for a wide variety of pets. I have a cat and a dog so those are the only items I have experience with.

Navigating the website
The Only Natural Pet Store is very easy to navigate. They not only provide good descriptions and pictures of their products but also pages of helpful information from experts in the pet health field. All their supplements have a list of ingredients and dosing information. Plus informationi about administering the supplements. Only Natural Pet Store has a message board where you can ask questions. It is not very active but it's nice to have that. The website also allows customers to review their products and they put all of them up, good and bad.(more about this later)

The ordering process was easy and they will save your ordering information on their site securely to make reordering easier. They also offer a subscribe and save type program with 10% off on your second order and after. This is great for things you order again and again. You can save money as well as not worrying about having to reorder.

Payment Options
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
Pay Pal
Google Check out
Check or Money order

Shipping Options and Charges
If you order $69 or more you can get free standard shipping. Not all products are eligible, but their brand of things are included. You can get more info at only natural pet store

Customer Service
You can contact customer service through email, phone or through online chat. I have used them all and with email you usually receive a reply within a day or two. When you call you might have to be on hold a few minutes but usually you can talk to someone. I have not tried the online chat.

I never contacted Only Natural Pet Store with a problem but one time I did not care for one of their products and gave it a poor review on their site because it had a nasty flavor that my cat would spit out. They left my review up but contacted me and gave me a full refund without my even having to ask for it.

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