There are many ways to increase the power of your circle and current magickal workings, from libations to candle to gifts from nature. One of the best ways to gain extra power is draw power from the moon. Spells cast in time with the moon phases usually adds either a drawing effect or a banishing effect. Depending on which phase the moon leads one to do certain spells.

The Waxing Moon:

A fourteen day period in which the moon goes from dark to full. A time for positive magicks, such as bringing in love, money, and starting new endeavours. If you were looking for healing or a change of heart, now would be time to clean out the negative energies. If you are particular to gardening, planting seeds in the phase of the news is best to draw the plants properties to your home.

The Full Moon:

For the most potent magic of the full moon spells should fall on the day of or day before and after. Any magic can be done because of the power associated with the full moon, but some of the best rituals for the full are rest, meditation, spiritual work, and cleansing sacred spaces. Think about your specific goal in mind and keep them in mind during your daily affirmations for an extra magical wolop.

The Waning Moon:

As the moon gets smaller so to should your bad habits. Banish your bad habits, debt, bad relationships and any left over negatives in your life. You can cast hexes at this time, but it should more for removing negative attributes.

The Dark of the Moon:

The moon has hidden away, slinking by unnoticed, leaving us in utter darkness. You too, should hide away and take this time to rest until your next planned spell or event.

Remember to plan out your magick workings before casting any spells. Does your want match the phase of the moon? If not, maybe rephrasing depending on if you are banishing or bringing in the positive. There are also other influences, such as positions of planets and time of the year, but lets take it one at a time.