Level 58 on Candy Crush looks easy until you realize what you need to do. On this board, you must clear 16 jellies (half of them being DOUBLE jellies) from the 4 corners of the board. In the middle of the level is a combination of whip cream and chocolates, making the board very narrow and tougher to make combinations. All of this needs to be done in a quick 20 moves.

So how do you beat this level?

First things first, you're going to want to look for easy combinations in the bottom corners of the board and make those first. The bottom corners are going to be the toughest to clear, so if the opportunity arises to get rid of 2 jellies in a single move, take it.

Next, start looking for moves that will take out large chunks of the whip cream / chocolate. Since you only have 20 moves on the board you should only do this if you're able to take out 2-3 of these items in one move. Doing this will help open the board and allow for more special candy combinations.

After you do these two things, keep working the corners, looking for moves that will take out 2 jellies at a time. Hopefully if you do this on the bottom, matches will be made at the top, clearing jellies without you having to do anything. Remember though, if you make a move at the bottom, it will disrupt the top, so if you have that perfect move at the top take it first!

Special candy combinations won't come into play as much due to the very specific spaces that you need to clear on the board (and lack of moves). This should not stop you from looking for striped candy or candy packet combinations that may take out an entire corner in one move.


You will win if: You continually clear 1-2 jellies on every move and don't get stuck at the end
Look out for: The bottom corners are toughest to clear - do these first!