Level 59 on Candy Crush is another one of the difficult timed boards where you need to get to a certain number of points in a period of time. In this case, you need to get to 25,000 points in 90 seconds, setting up a frantic race to eliminate jellies and score crazy points. To top it off, the level is surrounded by a layer of whip cream and chocolate pieces, jeopardizing to take over the board.

So how do you beat this level?

First, you need to remember that there is likely not going to be time to react to much of anything on this board. You should be making combinations as quickly as you can, even if it's not the 'perfect' move. In fact, if you hold out looking for the perfect move, you'll be lucky to crack 5 digits.

Although you'll be making combinations quickly, this does not mean that you shouldn't still be using some strategy. One of the challenges of the board is making combinations, while still controlling the ever growing chocolate that threatens to eat up all the open spaces. You should keep your eye on the areas that border the chocolate and make combinations there where possible to get rid of it and open the board.

The items that can't be understated on this board are the extra time candies (+5 seconds) and special candy combinations. Extra time candies are crucial to extend the round and give you the moves you need to get to 25k. Special candy combinations will help you gain points at a much quicker pace. Both of these items are essential for getting past level 59.


You will win if: You make quick moves and control the chocolate
Look out for: Time will run out before you know it - act with a sense of urgency!