Level 57 on Candy Crush looks easier than the past couple of board you have just beaten. In fact, it looks a lot easier with a wide open board and only 5 chocolates to clear. However, it's trickier than you may think as the purple candy has made a re-appearance and you need to bring 2 onion and 2 cherry ingredients to the bottom within 45 moves. Did we mention there is chocolate?

So how do you beat this level?

The first thing you're going to want to do is clear both the whip cream and chocolate spaces. It is vital that you do this early and aren't fighting the chocolate pieces near the end of your round when you need every move you can get.

If the moves aren't available to clear out these spaces, slowly start to work your first ingredient towards the bottom, always looking for moves to clear chocolates or opportunities to create special candy combinations. Sometimes, the move to clear the final chocolate may not come till the end of your turn, but as long as you've tried to clear them each time you've had the opportunity and have kept them relatively under control, you should be in good shape.

As usual with levels such as these, the key is going to be creating special candy combinations, particularly vertical striped candies on the same row as your ingredient. These will take out all of the candies in the row and bring the ingredient to the bottom in one single move. However, special combinations such as candy packets are also useful as they will take out a large chunk of your board, moving the ingredients closer to the bottom and hopefully taking out some chocolates.

At the end of the day, don't forget that the goal of this board is to bring all the ingredients to the bottom. If you find yourself wasting too many moves on tasks that are unrelated to this goal, it's likely that you'll have to try it again.


You will win if: You keep the chocolate pieces under control and continually make progress on bringing the ingredients down to the bottom.
Look out for: Don't make unnecessary moves clearing candies that aren't making special combinations, clearing chocolates, or getting your ingredients to the bottom.