Level 56 on Candy Crush may be just as intimidating as what you previously faced on 55. On this level, the objective is to clear all of the jellies. Unfortunately for you, the jellies are located behind both cages and chocolates. There is a big space in the middle, disconnecting the board and you have 45 moves to clear everything out.

So how do you beat this level?

There's only one way you're going to be able to get by this board: create special candy combinations. In fact, you're likely going to have to create multiple special candies as 1 or 2 may not do the trick.

Your goal to start off the round should be to open up enough space at the bottom to begin making moves down there, clearing out more chocolates in the process. Once you begin doing this, the board should open up, making special candy combinations easier, and paving a path to victory.

The toughest part of that, however, is that creating enough space at the bottom isn't necessarily an easy task. You could clear out a full row of chocolates with a vertical striped candy, only to see the spaces get eaten up by chocolates again in your next couple moves. You're going to need to either have special candy combinations go off in succession, or combine a striped candy and candy packet (or candy bomb and striped candy).

After the space is cleared at the bottom, continue focusing on the chocolates, but do not lose sight of the cages that need to be opened, as these are often the most difficult thing to do.


You will win if: You open up the bottom of the board in the first half of your moves
Look out for: Chocolates won't wait for you to open the bottom and will gobble up any open space that you create!